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  • Testimonial

    “I love the at home option. What a cool idea.”

    - Stephanie

  • Testimonial

    “Such a great experience! Warm welcomes, awesome customer service! Would come back every time !!”

    - Nicole

  • “Such a great experience! Staff is kind and knowledgeable. Facilities are clean and welcoming. Ultrasound images and take home video were wonderful!”

    - George

  • “Amazing experience, Ellen is great. Loved my ultrasound, great place, good location, and Ellen treated us amazingly. We were blessed to come across this place and her. Thank you, would recommend this place to any expectant mother.”

    - Laura

  • “Ellen was so wonderful and patient with us and our baby. She made the time for us to get the proper measurements and pictures needed. It was a wonderful experience!”

    - Christina

Who We Are

Amazing Baby 3D Ultrasound of San Antonio is a mobile prenatal imaging ultrasound service providing mothers, fathers, family members and friends a one-of-a-kind first bonding experience with their unborn child.

Whether you are looking to determine the sex of your baby or you want a more intimate experience to share with your family and friends, Amazing Baby 3D Ultrasound is right for you.

Our service is also MOBILE, meaning, you have the option of sharing your experience with your family and friends in the comfort of your own home. Whether that’s making your baby shower an unforgettable event or just sharing this moment with your baby, in a more private setting with those closest to you.

Our packages include diagnostic ultrasound, gender determination, and 3D 4D Ultrasounds. Come to us, or let us come to you.

Watch our video here to get a closer look at what our mobile service will do for you!

Women choosing to use our service must already be under the care of a certified healthcare provider and to have en elective ultrasound you must have already had a medical diagnostic ultrasound.

~The Lord has done amazing things for us, and we are filled with joy! ~Psalm 126:3

Conveniently located in the Medical Center

Office hours 9am – 6pm Mon – Fri, 9am -2pm Sat , By Appointment Only.  Call 210-660-7337 to schedule your appointment!

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